A new way of scattering and storing ashes


What do you do with the ashes of a loved one after the service?

You could scatter their ashes, but where would you go, and how would you go about it? Besides, scattering ashes directly from the urn often doesn’t quite fit what people really want.

Scattering someone’s ashes is a beautiful ritual, full of respect and love. So why not make it a contemporary ritual? With the Totem Of Life And Death, or TOLAD, you can remember people your way.

How does the TOLAD work?

The TOLAD is a hollow hiking staff that serves as a mobile urn. Pressing the TOLAD releases a small amount of ashes from an opening in the bottom of the staff. This allows the bereaved to create a Remembrance Trail of up to 1 mile in length. 

Take your last walk together, TOLAD in hand. With each step, you can disperse a small amount of ashes. As you go along, you can share stories, thoughts and memories—every step of the way.

The Products
The Mobile-urn


The TOLAD Premium is a mobile urn made of matte lacquered aluminum. The TOLAD Premium is available in 8 different colors and can be personalized with text and images. The TOLAD Premium can also be used as a permanent urn after the last walk.

The TOLAD Premium keeps the memories of the deceased alive. After scattering the ashes, the staff serves as a monument that can be placed inside the home, in the garden, or at a funeral home. its various accessories make the TOLAD Premium a worthy memorial.


The TOLAD One is a simple staff made of cardboard. This staff is perfect for people who want to scatter the ashes over a longer distance but are not interested in using it as an urn. The TOLAD One uses the same mechanics and handle as the TOLAD Premium, but is made from a different material and offers fewer options. The TOLAD One comes in three designs and is almost fully biodegradable.  

Remembrance Page & TOLAD App

Use the free TOLAD app to track the route you’re walking. The route can also be looked up online, through a personal Remembrance Page that can be shared with others. This service is provided free of charge. The TOLAD Remembrance Page is a completely private page that can be shared with others if desired. Page visitors can leave messages, pictures, videos, music, and poetry to share memories of the deceased. This Remembrance Page is a wonderful way for people to revisit the route and relive the last walk whenever they want.

The TOLAD app is available from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Legal Matters

Laws regarding the scattering of ashes vary by country. In most cases, you’ll need permission from the owner of the land. 

Consult your local funeral director or government regarding the laws of scattering ashes in your country.














Specifications TOLAD

TOLAD Premium

Material: aluminum and plastic
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Width: 2.36 in.
Empty weight:  3.3 lbs.
Volume: 0.96 gal./220 c.i.
Length of walk: 1 mile or 600 touches


Material: cardboard and plastic
Height: 4 ft. 4 in.
Width: 2.4 in. (bottom) / 3.9 in. (top)
Empty weight: 1.1 lbs.
Volume: 0.96 gal./220 c.i.
Length of walk: 1 mile or 600 touches

Cycle of Rituals

The TOLAD was invented by Cycle of Rituals BV, a company specializing in truly innovative products for the funeral service business. Cycle of Rituals holds an international patent on the TOLAD. 

Interested in distributing the TOLAD in your country? Contact us for more information!