Saying farewell one step at a time


After the cremation, what do you plan to do with your loved one’s ashes? Scattering the ashes is an option, but how do you arrange it, and where do you do it? The TOLAD offers an answer to the first question. With the TOLAD, scattering ashes takes on a whole new significance.

The TOLAD is a hiking staff filled with your loved one’s ashes. With each step, a small amount of ashes is released from the lower end of the staff. As a result, the TOLAD makes it possible to scatter ashes gradually while taking a walk. This method is subtle, dignified, and safe under any weather conditions.

A Dignified Farewell

The bereaved can plan their walk with the TOLAD at any time and place of their choosing. For instance, they could opt for a route that brings back precious memories of the deceased. A memorable route adds extra significance. The TOLAD passes from person to person throughout the walk, giving everyone a chance to share stories, thoughts, and memories with each step. A small amount of ashes is scattered with each step, as the TOLAD grows lighter. 

The last walk with the TOLAD is a beautiful ritual, in which the ashes of the deceased are scattered with respect, dignity and focused attention. Create a contemporary ritual with the Totem Of Life And Death: the TOLAD.


The TOLAD One is made from high-quality cardboard and plastic. The cardboard is printed and laminated, ensuring that the staff will be able to withstand any weather conditions. A wide opening at the top makes it simple and easy to fill the TOLAD One and prepare it for the walk.

The TOLAD One comes in three different, subtle designs, each printed in high quality. The laminated finish ensures that the walk can take place under any weather conditions. The mechanism has been subjected to rigorous testing and works on almost any walking surface. The staff has an ergonomically designed handle to make the grasp as comfortable as possible.




The place where you go on that last walk should never be forgotten. That’s why we offer the free TOLAD app for smartphones: an ideal way to track your route. The route is then stored online in a personal, private Remembrance Page that you can share with anyone you choose.

The bereaved, even those who couldn’t be present for the walk itself, can visit the page to trace the route you took and reminisce about their loved one.

Personal Ritual

The TOLAD is a tool that you can use to create your own ritual to scatter ashes. The ritual can be structured according to your own preferences. The walk is often planned with a number of people, so everyone can take part in scattering the ashes.

As the walk progresses, the TOLAD becomes lighter, making it easier for children to take part. The cardboard TOLAD One could easily be decorated with letters, drawings and texts.

Many options could be included in the walk. At some point during the route, for instance, you could choose an opportune moment to sit in a circle and tell stories. The design of the TOLAD One also makes it possible to scatter part of the ashes in your own country, saving the rest to scatter abroad.

The funeral home director can help you plan the walk. You will always have complete control of the walk; even after taking several steps, the walk can be paused for now and resumed on a later occasion.












Specifications TOLAD


Material: cardboard and plastic
Height: 4 ft. 4 in.
Width: 2.4 in. (bottom) / 3.9 in. (top)
Empty weight: 1.1 lbs.
Volume: 0.96 gal./220 c.i.
Length of walk: 1 mile or 600 touches

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